Naomi Legros

Naomi Legros is a graduate from the CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy with an MPH concentrating in Community Health and Social Sciences. Her professional experiences have predominantly been in reproductive health and justice and mental health, including a yearlong fellowship at Planned Parenthood of Greater New York focusing on maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in New York City, and a summer practicum focusing on suicide safer care trainings in primary care settings. Legros completed her capstone project analyzing the 2013 Segregation Directive, a policy that regulates solitary confinement practices in ICE detention centers, and the adverse mental and physical health effects from violating their human rights.

A Native New Yorker, and a first-generation Haitian American, Naomi’s areas of interest in public health include immigrant health, environmental health, mental health and reproductive justice. Additionally, Legros’ short and long-term career goals aims to address health inequities and dismantling social determinants of health that create barriers to achieving optimal health (care) in marginalized communities, with emphasis on Black Diasporic  populations.

Legros is a 2014 graduate from Tufts University with a B.A in American Studies and holds the distinction of being the first graduate with an Africana Studies degree. Her interests outside of public health include cooking, reading, visiting museums, film and television, music, and soccer. A budding travel enthusiast, outside of Haiti, her favorite countries are Cabo Verde and Ghana. During quarantine, Naomi has focused on perfecting Haitian recipes, learning to bake, and becoming self-sufficient in protective hairstyles.

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